Topological Cavity Based on Slow-Light Topological Edge Mode for Broadband Purcell Enhancement [ Congrats, Xin Xie ]

Chiral Photonic Circuits for Deterministic Spin Transfer [ Congrats, Shan Xiao ]

2020年L02合照 [ 成员 ]

Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics with Second‐Order Topological Corner State [ Congrats, Xin Xie ]

Diabolical points in coupled active cavities with quantum emitters [ Congrats, Jinnan Yang ]

Identifying defect-related quantum emitters in monolayer WSe2 [ Congrats, Jianchen Dang ]

Hot Polarons with Trapped Excitons and Octahedra‐Twist Phonons in CH3NH3PbBr3 Hybrid Perovskite Nanowires [ Congrats, Feilong Song ]

Anisotropies of the g-factor tensor and diamagnetic coefficient in crystal-phase quantum dots in InP nanowires [ 祝贺武诗瑶! ]

Enhanced Strong Interaction between Nanocavities and p-shell Excitons Beyond the Dipole Approximation [ 祝贺钱琛江! ]

Giant Photocurrent Enhancement by Coulomb Interaction in a Single Quantum Dot for Energy Harvesting [ 祝贺彭凯! ]

Two-Photon Rabi Splitting in a Coupled System of a Nanocavity and Exciton Complexes [ 恭喜钱琛江 ]

High‐Responsivity Photodetection by a Self‐Catalyzed Phase‐Pure p‐GaAs Nanowire [ 祝贺Ali Hassan ]

我们成功做出了一批高品质因子的带量子点的GaAs基光子晶体微腔,品质因子达6000以上。 [ 祝贺钱琛江 ]

我们组 [ 成员 ]

2016 ICPS [ 合影 ]

Observation of coupling between zero- and two-dimensional semiconductor systems based on anomalous diamagnetic effects [ Nano Research, published online (2016) ]

Ultrafast optical switching using photonic molecules in photonic crystal waveguides [ Optics Express, 23, 9211-9220 (2015) ]

Longitudinal wave function control in single quantum dots with an applied magnetic field [ Scientific Reports 5, 8041 (2015) ]

Charge state control in single InAs/GaAs quantum dots by external electric and magnetic fields [ Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 041109 (2014) ]