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Our research is mainly focused on optoelectronic properties of quantum systems for quantum information processing and spintronics.


We achieved our first batch of GaAs based photonic crystal cavities containing quantum dots with quality factors more than 6000. [ Congratulations to Qian Chenjiang! ]

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2016 ICPS [ Group Photo ]

Observation of coupling between zero- and two-dimensional semiconductor systems based on anomalous diamagnetic effects [ Nano Research, published online (2016) ]

Ultrafast optical switching using photonic molecules in photonic crystal waveguides [ Optics Express, 23, 9211-9220 (2015) ]

Longitudinal wave function control in single quantum dots with an applied magnetic field [ Scientific Reports 5, 8041 (2015) ]

Charge state control in single InAs/GaAs quantum dots by external electric and magnetic fields [ Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 041109 (2014) ]

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9 Aug. 2017Shiyao Wu won Poster Prize in iNOW 2017. Congratulations!

22 Jun. 2017Ali Hassan won award of 2017 Excellent International Students of UCAS. Congratulations!

19 Jun. 2017Welcome 2 undergraduate students --- Jiongji He (from UCAS) and Mingjie Zhang (from UCAS) studying for summer internship in our lab.

5 May 2017Yue Sun passed the PhD viva. and Feilong Song passed the Master viva. Congratulations!

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